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Girlfriend of James Neal

I heard James Neal of Pittsburgh Penguins is new crush of girls and of course puckbunnies. His ice hockey skills were more visible in this regular season and we can expect some goals in finals today. Also his very beautiful girlfriend. Puckies don't like when the players have girlfriends and mainly when girlfriends are very pretty but say it is always amazing when you see nice couple and the NHL player is good as player with scoring goals than scoring with number of scalps under his belt with no visibility on the ice. Just say James Neal is good player and he is slightly younger than Penguins captain Sidney Crosby. His girlfriend is very pretty, but I am looking forward to finals between Penguins and Bruins to write normal serious NHL article with all shots, defensive game, saves, penalties and you named and take this like icing on the top during icing in the game. Neal's blonde girlfriend is Megan.