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Patrick Kane's girlfriend

Despite female fans hope former bad boy and ice hockey professor Patrick Kane is single to mingle, the latter is true. He is attached and happy. He was seen many times to hang out with his long term girlfriend who worked for pub Bull and Bear [Pull and Bear is a fashion shop and brand, girls] where a lot of Hawks found their ladies. He spends a lot of time with her, watching baseball at Wrigley Field, basketball at United Center and he flew her to Switzerland where Mama Kane cooked and washed. Kaner admitted existence of his girlfriend in the Chicago press with simple word ,girlfriend' without adding more details, which is clever compared to their captain who dated also Bull and Bear waitress, crazy and noisy Sarah Hill who wanted to be a sport journalist, a blogger and called herself marketing manager which means bottle girl and leaflist promo person and it applies on present Tazer's girlfriend Lindsey Vecchione, who did her qualification and started working as a barber, no a hair stylist for men. It is easier start from scratch to cut male mane than care about fussy female hair.

Kaner's girlfriend's name is Amanda Grahovec, she is very different from Tazer's type of cheap busty skankies as she is willowy, slim, flat chested with natural beauty and also dignified silence compared to attention seeker Lindsey or ex Sarah. As some puckies live in denial Kaner is attached to the long term woman, have a look on so called street paparazzi who took a photo of Kaner and his love. Their backside, sorry, but it also counts. Of course there was a talk lately how he isn't into her because they aren't glued together as Siam twins, but you know  cry of those boy bands's fans - Sid is single, Don't marry, Ovi, don't marry, she is ugly, Tavares is only for me, give your hands off, you need meds []. I still find it better than hide and seek game by Tazer, his funny mention of GF Lindsey in his photoshoot in Splash. I asked discreetly about Amanda as I was in Chicago at the beginning of March 2013, having meal at Public House [it shares the same owner like Bull and Bear] and I heard she is nice egg. Good luck to them. 

According this funny website Kaner is into Christian ladies what is nice joke

He admitted he has a GF many times, one of the interview when he mentioned his Amanda is here

Poor child but Kaner tweeted about Keith Jr how he will be great dman. 

There is still another Patrick, girls. Patrick O'Kane, also American ice hockey player of Melbourne Mustangs, Australia. He works for IBM here and he is smart and good looking. He was great with scoring against Ice Dogs Sydney recently but they have always too many men on the ice. Very often:]] Hot Australia, you know.