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Jonathan Toews on magazine cover

The captain of the Blackhawks reached another goal in his career - he is on the cover of the magazine and it isn't local Sun Chicago Times supplement where the boy from Manitoba poses as prairie boy in worker's boots in the communal showers of Chicago squad, Mamma Mia. Serious ice hockey magazine, all what Jonathan Toews, nicknames Tazer, needed. 

I can tell you, I have spent weekend at polo yesterday and horse event today and I hit the sales in London - just high street such as Topshop, H@M and one designer shop close where I live in London and I spotted one bloke from funny and also creepy reality TV show called Made [up] in Chelsea, close to Bottega Veneta shop and Danish embassy, strolling along Sloane Street in tight white jeans and denim tighter shirt unbottoned up to waist, blekeke, black fur out, another opposite fashion horror of place where I live is pair of jeans with crotch between the knees or low slung jeans like Arthur Landon and Prince Harry where you see gutted big mouth Landon sees everything like 50 shades of grey and Henry Battenberg prefers the Battenberg's stripy PJ attire, and you know that because their jeans fall into half of their bum like Buck House mourns passing out of slow slung jeans. Tazer has more jackets now than all roster of Columbus Blue Jackets but his style is better than a lot of mannequins within sport world. Don't get me wrong. I think Francis Marc Vandelli is nice bloke, I was so happy he didn't recognized me in orange J Brand jeans, white tank top, aqua green suede Jane Shilton flat shoes and hair pulled back in the bun than some weirdos poiting the finger on me with shout:,Do you know who was that? Haaa.' Vandelli is taller than I thought so, he had hair falling into the face than scrapped back and three day old facial hair, his tight jeans needs probably whirpool by Landon to get him out of these tight drainpipes and his hairdo reminded Tazer during last convention event in July 2012 but it was OK. It is his business what he wears but it is better to keep normal looking athletes in sporty outfits looking like athletes than Christiano Ronaldo. Karlsson is handsome but his outfits made me laugh. Too much fuss about that. You can't be so fashion forward like Boston Bruins and Andrew Ference with camouflage jacket for the Boston player of the week as camo is back in fashion this season. Or like another participant of this weird TV reality show MIC Oliver Proudlock who looked at camo jumper in March 2013 when Landon recognized me in layered look and hair fallen into my face, with cap on, but it clicks you well when he copied Tazer's whirpool - hot tube in his Chicago condo [after Marian Hossa] as weird videoclip and tweeted shout to Proudlock about that camo jumper when I had a bunch of roses in my bag by an admirer, wrapped in camo paper, carried in my handbag from South Kensington along Cale Street to my pad. Actually Vandelli looked better with unfussy hair and no comment about his style as it is his business but I like style of Tazer, jazzed up by his girlfriend Lindsey. I also like odd ball like mullet by Kaner. It is fun. It was great laugh to read tweeting about Chicago players as preparation before their game with LA Kings and one tweet regarding Victor Stalberg  how he landed in Chicago with orange tan, looking like Ken. He grew one of the best thick beards of Western Conference. I hope ice hockey players will stay looking more say polite, but alpha male real athletes than Christiano Ronaldo. Good to see Tazer in full gear and there is some truth behind the fact that ice hockey players are called modern gladiators. Bread and game. Suits you, suits, Tazer and Proudlock. The best is Patrick Sharp on the covers and regarding Landon who barks and blocks I tell that as a woman and it is major opinion of female audience, it has nothing to do with him as he is married. I think Sharp looks like a man, no pampered doll, he dresses fine without being a metrosexual and he is handsome and nice in suits as well. Yes, his wife is also very pretty and they are nice couple, it helps.I think Crosby looks better now what he has found out the existence of scissors, shorter haircut without that Lemieux-Jagr's mullet and slimmer face.