Gabriel Landeskog and his Barbie

Many of you asked about the captain of Colorado Avalanche Gabriel Landeskog. I still have stuck in my head Hejduk as the captain of Colorado Avalanche but the questions by you were about Landeskog's girlfriend. Yes, girls, he is taken. The girlfriend is a blonde, very pretty, smiley and she is Canadian. She has recently spent couple of days with him in Sweden, see Gabriel Landeskog's video.

Her name is Mel Scouldice. I am sure you will find Mr Right very soon over the summer or try to offer help to Tyler Sequin who is lost in his stinky cave in Dallas. He likes a lot of girls as proper NHL playboy. These two are like NHL Ken and Barbie - Gaby and Mel LOL. Yes, Landeskog approved his cooking skills as we saw his pancake video. Shirtless and flipping pancake. There is one fact about Swedes - they usually date only Swedish girls. It isn't a norm but they have nice community and a lot of nations do that. You generally cling to someone who reminds you your mother, family or something mutual and you also look how person seems to be on physical side of your top chart, how you understand each other, you think about chemistry, the same life style. I don't know if Mama Landeskog is a blonde or Mel is good cook but they are nice couple and I don't see behind the curtain of their privacy. There will be always couple of girls [or boy] who look on the athlete [or A list actress] like a mealticket or a ladder to the fame. It is more possible when mother is very attractive he will go and search attractive girls only, when the mum is domestic goddess, he will search this type of the partner. I think it is the second Mel as a girlfriend. The first one was a GF of Neal from Pittsburgh Penguins.

Stanley Cup and close ties

If you watch tweets by Stanley Cup bodyguard Mr Prichard, the famous trophy was delivered from Slovakia to Johnny Oduya to Stockholm, Sweden. The famous cup is treated well. He slept in the cot of Marian Hossa's daughter than with Sid the Kid in his bed. Hossa organized also press conference and leaned to the cup like I always admired the canon at Trencin castle as 5 years old [my sister and brother in law are professional soldiers, I did national service in UK and something like Victoria Bernardotte, but I ride mostly with Royal Cavalry and I like horses and of course, Gooners aka FC Arsenal - soccer].

Johnny Oduya picked up Stanley Cup at the airport as every player but he stuck to his old ice rink and friends which is nice. It is always nice to go back to the roots and remember who you are and where you come from. It was his old bunch of players from childhood who posed with him and Stanley Cup than a group of famous singers. I guess next turn is for Victor Stalberg, Markus Kruger and Niklas Hjalmarsson with new wife Elina and I guess we can expect here flashy celebration as Elina loves that. I just have found funny photo of her big friend and GF of Jonathan Toews, Lindsey Vecchione, with the lid on her head. It can go on the top of Stanley Cup.