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Jonathan Toews selling his big house

The captain of Chicago Blackhawks is downsizing and he listed his big Lincoln Park based house on Monday. The rumours about the planned sale were floating around for a while. The six bedroom house located in well to do area of Chicago was purchased for less than recent price of $3,9m. He fetched the house from the former Groupon executive who packed the bags because he joined Uber. The tip about the area of Lincoln Park came from me. 

The estate agent Kai Schirmacher said: "Jonathan is downsizing. He's staying in the city, but he doesn't need this much square footage, so that's why (he's) selling." According my private sources he still does not plan a family and the house for supposed to be  for a family because he grew up in the family house, however he always lives in two condos in Chicago downtown prior of Lincoln Park house's purchase. 

He paid he paid $3.525 million through his Muskie Trust to buy a  townhouse in late 2014, he exchanged the contract in July 2014. He was able to sell his riverside condo in December 2014. Many people agree that the house was to big to keep in the order and difficult task for his girlfriend Lindsey Vecchione to run, because he is often on the road games trip.

This forum is for cybertrolls, puckbunnies and crazies and some my crazy suitor posted endless stream of lyrics mocking me when I said how I was bullied for my song but this comment makes good point. Yes, big house is big duty and it is not just about fun.

Jonathan Toews house sale

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Will Tampa Bay Lightnings catch Pittsburgh Penguins?

Tampa Bay Lightnings are shining stars this NHL play offs, recently facing Pittsburgh Penguins. They both have great Canadian stars on their roster but it is not a battle between Steve Stamkos ft Sidney Crosby but about skills of gloves by their netminders. The Tampa team have their problems with roster, goalie Bishop is out, Stamkos is injured. How far they can fight with ambitious team like the Penguins?

The goalies are the last chance how stop the puck and possible win of the rival team. Tampa Bay Lightnings have two inexperienced goalies Matt Murray and Andrei Vasilevskiy compared to veteran Bishop and Fleury. The rivalry between two teams developed quickly, let's see how they will deal with young guns. Both are described as calm confident powers in the net, talented goalies. 

Murray serves as the first choice for the Penguins while Marc Andre Fleury who was a brightest star of the goalies in 2009, having a record 16-8 in that spring. His heydays are over but he is strong back up for the new talent, making it harder for Florida team to catch up. Valisevskiy is praised for his skills, he already stood in the gate in Game 1 but he is just a spare heir to the throne where Ben Bishops ruled until recently when he left due to his upper body injury. There is no question if he will replace Bishop. There is new question in the Penguins team if older Fleury will replace younger Murray but they both make strong duo compared to weaker Tampa Bay franchise. Good point for the Lightning is - their play off rival has no much data how deal with goaltending skills of Vasilevskiy and find a room for locating the puck behind his backs.

Stamkos has practised, Letang goes gaga, so let's see he does not lay down any goalie like he did with former Russian goalie's daughter Alyonka during their cooking session, with Geno Malkin walking in and asking where is his whipping cream:]] On the goalie maybe? Tune for the stats, live comment and fun with those gossips tonight.

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Chicago Blackhawks WAGs facts

Sorry, not  serious NHL post since NY Islanders have been ousted in Game 5 by Tampa Bay team and I visited games by Prince Harry as well as I have a modelling work in Miami right now, but I got the questions by some of you to my marketing company. Right, say  it is not the way how spam the corporate marketing agency, but I will address it.

A lot of WAGs of Chicago Blackhawks forward their so called private photos to Tumblr account called Chicago Blackhawks WAGs. Lindsey Vecchione is behind her own Tumblr account.

The most prolific sender of own photos to Tumblr Blackhawks WAGs is a new girlfriend of Crawford. Including hints how he buys her designer clothing, she is working here and there and how he is reaching 30 years of age benchmark and he will get hitched:]] She is really tiny and really short, also Elina Hjalmarsson. If they claim they are over 1,6m they are not, it is similar crap like this Czech glamour chick If she had 1,66m or my height 1,68m, her legs are longer. Anyway, if she needs help as TV host by the profi actor [she is former Playboy model using ehm connections than me as a topmodel met educated sport commentator/journo started from scratch in age of 18 in local newspapers], the actor/TV host has the height of Jonathan Toews/Jaromir Jagr, which means super tall 1,88m - 1,9m. Lindsey Vecchione is 1,66m, little shorter than me. You can see many photos how tall she is with and without heels, so you have exact idea how short is this girl or Kristy, Crawfie gf. No way if you are 5'6 like me,  with heels on, you are  reaching your male TV co-host's or Tazer's nose. Just see Lindsey Vecchione. That's why I doubted how tall in reality is new girlfriend of Jagr because Jagr is 1,9 m.

Regarding other questions. Lindsey Vecchione is not celebrating 30th birthday this year, she is born in July 1987, so she is slightly older than Johnny, but she will be 29. Amanda Grahovec is not a girl over 30 but she will be 27 or 28 years old in the fall. She was working as a student in the pub where the Blackhawks like to visit. Lindsey worked for Paris club, so going to Paris in Windy City means a night club, no French capital:]] 

Pavlina Jagrova is a niece of Jaromir Jagr and her surname is not Jagrova, but Kallova. Her brother is Kalla, she was born as  Kallova, her mum was married Kallova, not sure if she crawled back to her maiden name Jagrova, but I do not see a reason why her daughter will do that, except the fact it is famous surname. I do not use Windsor, it is hidden in form of W.

Last question regarding the same story of Elina Hjalmarsson and one Czech nasty blogger who both run the same fabricated story about car accident on the crossroad and red car. The fashion blogger is a friend of Pavlina J, it was the same day, Elina did not post any proof of her shocking accident, it was fabricated and she was so shocked she posted her sexy bikini photos to her IN:]] There is no record in Chicago police records and the same bizarre story was blogged by Czech fashion blogger, no accident but planned fabricated crap and interesting fact, just days after Tesla posted their news about safety and saving car from possible car crash (also on the IN video by Talulah Riley Musk and Stacey Ferreira). I think my crazies socialites are reading too much sci fi passed down their digest system by my crazy jilted exot Arthur Landon. He has nice help by Kate Greer who is a gf of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. 

Not sure if Tesla CEO made Apple angry by his jibe about graveyard but I was threatened by graveyard by Landon and also my  other stalker who crashed his car, Lloyd Graver, has similar name. Otherwise no links to NHL and fashion or those two CEOs, but Ms Kate Greer posted some nonsense after MET Gala and I heard Jack Dorsey was apparently behind the article with the idea how Apple can buy Tesla Motors and keep Muskrat as a CEO [I bet, seeing Jack Dorsey's script and his Ruler book know how with manipulations, planned kicking off Musk after a purchase:]] but I am not sure if they were behind the ban of Musk from after party in Boom Boom Club, but Jack Dorsey's gf with her mean girls is posing in that club and they are not only mathsy, there are also universe fans. Jack added drones for live streams, well, no satellites:]] Only a founder of Apple was critical of Apple Watch in Australia recently, mentioned he ordered Tesla 3 or E:]] and how his wife had car accident, yes, at the crossroad and red light, so  I bet it is a line Arthur Landon to Kate Greer and as Twitter CEO gf to Jack Dorsey and his manipulations and Landon's little helpers, take it with grain of salt. Dorsey has really 1,8m, he is just lithe bone structure like me, he appears to be tinier, but he is quite tall. His gf uses Photoshop very much and also a lot of Chicago WAGs. Lindsey lost a lot of weight, but she is 1,66m.

Elina Hjalmarsson is very ambitious WAG of Chicago Blackhawks, she wishes to be Queen Bee, her husband as a captain and she wants to reach media outlets and coverage, all high profile parties which is not far from socialites without work aka Kate Greer. I just say I was critical both to Musk and Dorsey, my one blog post was about Musk businesses but I mentioned some points about Twitter and Dorsey as I have been previously bullied + received death threats on Twitter for last 3 years and Landon, Graver+Michelle contacted for help Dorsey's nasty socialite girlfriend, so this is just brief explanation. Of course they hate I have this, that, I was at MET Gala, they did not receive an invitation, I head a headwear with similar metal pieces like Zayn Malik, so also he got trash talk by Jack Dorsey's crazy singer friend yesterday, Landon's gf's father told to his exgf Uma Thurman to stop speaking to any man, Landon stalked Peter Nedved in Florida, all about Toews and Musk who I do not know was stopped at after party [ok, he was not on guess list but if they get in any stupid bimbo, he should be allowed to go inside, of course hens are posing a day after that in Boom Boom Club). Lindsey is simple but nice  one, Elina is nasty piece of the work.

The girlfriend of Sidney Crosby is Kathy Leutner and she was a wedding gown model:]] until Olympics in Vancouver she changed her director towards swimsuit and after their one year break in 2011 he helped her to reach Sports Illustrated finale of swimsuit model search, but she has no body and portfolio for that, even she is quite sporty girl. You need to have symmetrical body shape for that, hourglass body and also natural bigger boobs.  I have been a profi swimmer but I  still needed to have under 90-60-90cm measurements to get into swimsuit modelling. If you have more than 90cm around chest it is a problem, a lot of NHL WAGs have plastic boob  surgeries, which is visible and you cannot have it for swimsuit photoshoots unless it is some rag mag because you are not able to stuff it into the top, dress and it goes out and up like missiles. Kathy is pretty but she has big hips, flat chest and no curves and recent models are getting slimmer and slimmer, quite skinny. Of course the biggest boot of NHL belongs to Sidney Crosby and you will see all pretty WAGs at Las Vegas NHL Awards. Booted and suited players as well. I continue to cover Tampa Bay NHL franchise.

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