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October 6

Erik Karlsson is new captain of Ottawa Senators

Erik Karlsson, young defenseman of Ottawa Senators, was named their captain. It isn't for the first time when experienced player was assigned to the role of team leader but Karlsson is Swede and these things are rare in NHL. He will wear jersey with C after recently departed Jason Spezza. Another fellow Swede, Daniel Alfredsson, also left the team of the Senators, the club had re-signed top forward Bobby Ryan to a long-term extension. Karlsson has still 5 years left and he is seen as the best team's player.

Karlsson has great ability to control the puck and he is two ways defenseman which makes him worthy for Ottawa management to keep him on the roster. He notched 20 goals in last season, in 315 career games, all with Ottawa, Karlsson has 237 points.

June 26

Suarez banned for four months

Vampire Luiz Suarez was banned for four months by FIFA today. He is suspended for rest of World Cup and another soccer activities, including his FC Liverpool team until November for his bite on Italian rival. It wasn't the first bite in his records. He tried the similar thing on FC Chelsea player last year, he was suspended for biting the rival in 2010, but World Cup in Brasil was for the striker from Uruquay the biggest limelight. 

He was fined 100,000 Swiss francs as he sunk sunk his teeth in to the shoulder of Georgio Chiellini. FIFA said in their statement: "The player Luis Suarez is to be suspended for nine official matches. The first match of this suspension is to be served in the upcoming Fifa World Cup fixture between Colombia and Uruguay on 28th June 2014.

"The remaining match suspensions shall be served in Uruguay's next Fifa World Cup matches, as long as the team qualifies, and/or in the representative team's subsequent official matches, in accordance with article 38, paragraph 2a, of the Fifa disciplinary code." The chairman of FIFA disciplinary committee Sulser added: "Such behaviour cannot be tolerated on any football pitch and, in particular, not at the Fifa World Cup, when the eyes of millions of people are on the stars on the field."

Your chance to see vampire Suarez back at football pitch is at November 1 in game against Newcastle United.

April 17

My new blog

I have thought about having my own sport blog for a while. You could probably recognised after the Olympics I have posted here that I have a blog set up on Blogger as I thought it will be a start up before a big thing comes up and my own blog will be online, but removed the post when the issues with Sport Blogs settled down. Not for a long, there are again weird things, competition and it is time to move on.

It isn't difficult to launch a blog if you like to write about your favourite hobby, sport or passion. You can do it at any free blog platform and you don't need any IT special skills. I've decided to set up a blog on my own web hosting server, with better web design [still not done up to top notch level] but I started blogging and I take April as a test month. I want to add more friends to blog but if you wonder where my posts are now, find them on

My pros what I did here? 

  • only the girl blogging in top ten over all months
  • right now one of the oldest blogs here
  • go to Alexa and see that huge amount of traffic comes from UK where is my home [often], female audience and one of the most searched names is Lindsey Vecchione, the girlfriend of Jonathan Toews and it means it is about NHL and ice hockey and also about the girls
  • even NHL isn't the top major sport in USA, I made it to the top sports/standings here and made it popular
  • the same amount of readers even I blog rarely or not at all, so you hardly see on me  I had some weird 4500 visitors one day and just 45 following day and similar bs, the people go with me I guess where I go
April 6

Goal by magic puck

We say about the person or the team that he or they bounced back. You can't tell that about the puck but it was a little different story yesterday. We saw one nice piece of the goal when the puck stamped three times the bars of the net and finished inside, by Lecavalier and Landeskog. This magic puck is linked to Marek Zidlicky of New Jersey Devils.

He beat the Hurricanes goalie Anton Khudobin when the puck just hit the post. We saw it many times and it's lost chance. Not in this case. It didn't stay out of the net but the puck did U-turn. New Jersey Devils need any goal right now.

April 1

Matt Duchene out for the injury

Matt Duchene is known as boy with the choir boy look but he is pretty dangerous on the ice. This time, he is off ice. Thatr's not April's joke, but true. Out for four weeks, his trouble is called knee.

His injury happened on Saturday when he collided in the first minutes of the game with own team mate Jamie McGinn and he made it off the ice. The news were announced by his team Colorado Avalanche on Monday. A lot of important players start to be injured and sidelined before play offs.

Patrick Roy, the coach of Colorado Avalanche told: "He's playing so well right now. It's not good news for him and it's not good news for us as well, but it's been the way it's been all year. We always try to win hockey games and we're going to have to continue to find ways to win hockey games.I'm always a positive person. I believe that he's going to be back for playoffs. At the same time, we lost Peter Forsberg after the second round the year we won the Stanley Cup (in 2001). A team is a team. You have to go out there and play hard and find ways to win games. That's what we're going to continue to do."

Colorado Avalanche will make the play offs, no doubt, but there is a question about Duchene if his ,four weeks break' doesn't equal the end of this season. The knee issue isn't fun at all. It takes usually longer time to heal. He will be missing also for another reason, he has 70 points per 71 games and he is the best scoring leader of his team. Minus Duchene equals minus big chunk of scoring ability of Colorado Avalanche. The Colorado team secured the berth in the play offs for the first time since 2009-2010. Pavel  Datsyuk of Detroit Red Wings is also out for the knee injury.

March 31

Nashville Predators past Washington Capitals thanks to shoot out

The shoot out goal by Ben Smith ended the draw between home team of Nashville Predators and Washington Capitals. The Predators were annihilated by Dallas Stars on Friday and the Capitals aren't the team who give ups on the road trips. The Capitals needed to win, racing to the spots as wild cards remaining to the play offs. 

The Predators aren't very comfortable regarding penalty kill, there wasn't much depth in the Caps game either. Battle of big boys Alexander Ovechkin and Shea Weber? Weber had nice laser wrist shot, Ovie was -2 and 3 shots within 20 minutes, I bet he's able to drink more shots of vodka in the bar than hit the bar of the net. Clune was also seen on the ice, but for another type of hit, punching a rival player Wey. Rich Cluene of the Predators leads the league with the fights, 16. He and Wey, who received some punched, had sore jaw and felt on the ice, met their boxing gloves in season 2007-2008. Wey also missed to tie Patric Hornqvist who drove the net from the rebound and he didn't fail to score behind Halak's net. 

The audience saw two goals scored by the players of each team - Troy Brower of the Caps and Patric Honqvist of the Preds. The Capitals were giving up the goal within 2 minutes scoring one themselves. Brower of the Caps recorded his first goal in the game at 4.17 in the first period. It didn't last for long as the Capitals for 29th time listened lullaby on the Mother's Day, slept well and the shock in the form of Hornqvist came 1 minute later. 1:1. Both players scored one goal each, but it was Smith's goal in OT who saved the skin of the Predators and made it worse for the Capitals regarding their play off dreams as Columbus squad is doing better and has a bonus of one more game.

Shea Weber showed his offensive skills as the defenceman but old veteran Hornqvist proved he has still a good sight of the predator, waiting for any fault of other side such as rebound and defensive hiccup by Beagle linked with his the first goal. When he spotted that the puck hit Backstrom's skate, he came on breakaway trip to greet Halak again and he succeeded. Again, at 18:30 in the second period, giving the Preds 2:1 lead. The chances shifted and it was Brower's turn after the Nashville squad took two penalties. His back hand shot passed the Hutton and made it 2:2.

Weber's laser blast found place in Halak's net at 8:23 in the third, 3:2. Not for long, Backstrom tied very soon. 3:3 and it was Smith's OT goal who saved the skin of the home team, 4:3.

March 29

The Blackhawks prank their rookie

Chicago Blackhawks squad seems to be in good mood recently, having visible results to secure play offs and do well. We saw Patrick Sharp looking into penalty box where newlyweds posed for their wedding photo and NHL ,cover star' Sharp photobombed their snap, but they took another chance to tease. There is banter in the locker room, usually applied on they rookies and people who get angry easily. Sharp poked fun often from the captain, they tried to prank a rookie.

Matt Carey was signed by the Blackhawks as free agent, just joined the team after one year at St. Lawrence University. Chicago Blackhawks felt against 5;3 and Carey got a penalty at face off violation, as many rookies in the first NHL game do, but his ,lonely skate' lifted the spirit of the crowd, who understood the joke.

As the Blackhawks were to come out for warmups before their tilt with the Ottawa Senators, the team let Carey go first. For example our professor of economics - finances at Yale University, who won Nobel Prize [no a goalie Price and I didn't finish] still writes his things on the board by old good chalk, but he was greeted by the students apparently for his love of attention and fame, with huge cheer of the crowd.It is sometimes a tease and banter, often also hidden way of the applause by the team. As you know, when you laugh with friends, in the relationship, it is always better than tearful valley of the stress. NHL play offs are behind the door and it will be more about violation and penalties, emotions and stress.

March 28

Malkin and Ryan out

Two important players of Pittsburgh Penguins and Ottawa Senators are out. Bobby Ryan still leads with 23 goals the Senators but the question is...will be? Probably not, because he is out of the season. The reason? Hernia operation. Well, the play offs are also over for the Senators. What's the most important? NHL record or health? Sorry, girls, he often poses with Parros who has horrible stache but he is freshly engaged to his GF. The Sens will hardly win Stanley Cup and the ring but the chick flashed the ring.

Their GM Bryan Murray spoke about his surgery:

He got hurt early on and tried to play through it. He felt it handicapped him a little as far as shooting the puck in particular was concerned. Then he had a couple of incidents where things cropped up. Going into the boards the way he did in Dallas was a time we had to decide with him that it was best to stop playing for a bit and get it repaired and give him a chance. I think if we were still in a real serious, serious position here we could maybe get another game or two out of him but it doesn't make a lot of sense at this point in time to continue playing when you're hurt.

Also Pittsburgh Penguins suffered the lost. They still are a part of the play off race, but Evgeni Malkin is ,on health holiday' for 2-3 weeks. Malkin suffered a foot injury. He is the second scoring leader of the Pens and its quite a concern because the play offs are just around the corner, but Malkin has already missed 11 games before. It is quite bad luck when your the best snipers get ill or injured before important play off battles.

Pittsburgh Penguins  @penguins


Per Coach Bylsma: Evgeni Malkin has a foot injury and will be out 2-3 weeks.

March 26

Joe Pavelski's hat trick and Gabriel Landeskog's three bars

Poor Edmonton Oilers. Another high lost, this time by San Jose Sharks and three goals placed in the net by Joe Pavelski. Joe Pavelski's hat trick helped to snap 5:2 win over the struggling Oilers, including goals by Patrick Marleau and Martin Havlat [watch the space, Hertl will be probably ready for the play offs]. San Jose Sharks lost in shoot out to Calgary Flames who beat also poor Oilers. The hat trick certainly lifted mood of Pavelski who ended 7 games drougth of the Sharks. Don't ignore his important assist on Marleau's goal and his 4 points in the game. 71 points right now.

And one from February against Philadelphia Flyers

Gabriel Landeskog as the captain of Colorado Avalanche had problems with the orientation and trust me, these orientation camps in the summer, often taken place in Colorado, say by Sidney Crosby, has zero to do with that. You have players who try to place the puck behind the netminder's back and the puck licks all posts but no results. It is like ringing the church bells. And you have Vincent Lecavalier who can hit all postbars and posts and score a goal.

I don't know how many puckbunnies Gabriel Landeskog licked or he is just so driven to improve himself like in the case of his cooking skills when he was able to impress with making and flipping pancakes in the video, but his ringing on the net was brilliant. One wrist shot, hitting not on the girls, but three posts and the result? One goal. OK, Gabriel, don't open a creperie, but 3 Bar.

March 25

Ben Scrivens threw jersey thrown by the Oilers fan

Matt Stajan of Calgary Flames showed his scoring ability and finger pointed to the roof in the memory of his dead son, but the Oilers fan see horrible lost of their team. 8 pucks placed in the net by the Flames, nothing nice to celebrate at all. No wonder one fan of Edmonton Oilers decided to give back his sweater  and threw his jersey on the ice rink.

Funny enough, Ben Scrivens picked up as he probably doesn't do it with his discarded clothes back home, and flung it back into the crowd. There is still funny NHL rule about tucked jersey and a danger linked with any objects on the ice surface.

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